La Terra’s new collection IN BETWEEN .7 is a series of hand-made pieces that is characterized by the Japanese concept of Ma () , which can be translated as "gap", "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts”.

“Ma” is the space between two things, not considered an absence that separates, but as a relationship. 

Designed, conceived and hand-crafted by Anahita Pourabdollah, an architect and silversmith, IN BETWEEN .7 emphasized on the combination of playful geometries defined by the space in between each element with a careful process of eliminating each and every excessive element and shape to get a sensation of the in between volumes toward which people’s consciousness is directed to.

La Terra’s philosophy is based on creative design on minimalist jewelries as way of communication. The object we hold close to us and cherish carry meaning and they tell a story of who we are.

IN BETWEEN is a limited collection with 7 pieces of each design available. The palette is minimal and the resulting forms are seamless minimalist and distinctive.

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