Precious Talent 2018

Nominated for Precious Talents 2018

Precious Talents is a competition that rewards innovative and creative talents in the Nordic watch and jewellery industry. A jury selects a small number of firms that are invited to exhibit their collections at the upcoming Precious Fain in Stockholm.

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Precious Fair Stockholm 2018 Precious talents La Terra Jewelry Anahita Pourabdollahprecious Fair Stockholm Top Precious Talent 2018 Anahita Pourabdollah Jewelry exhibition Sweden La Terra jewellery

Precious Fair 2018 Precious Talents  Stockholm La Terra Jewelry Minimalist Scandinavian by Anahita pourabdollah

La Terra Jewelry minimalist catalogue Precious Fair 2018 Talent Designer Anahita Pourabdollah

La Terra jewelry Dash point geometric minimalist handmade scandinavian design